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How to Turn $10,000 Into a Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

February 04, 2023 Michael Notbohm & Andrew Hoek Episode 6
The Legacy Wealth Code Podcast
How to Turn $10,000 Into a Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio
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Ryan Butler has a successful real estate team doing over 175 million in annual volume as well as a multi million dollar real estate portfolio.  His success lies in a passion for helping other people discover a path to wealth by investing, many times with little money out of pocket.  He shares a simple path to creating a large real estate portfolio by purchasing a primary residence using programs and incentives available to reduce out of pocket costs, live there, and repeat this process.  It's a simple straight forward way to look at real estate investing and building long term wealth that ANYONE can do!


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Episode #6: Investing Made Simple - How to Turn $10,000 Into a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

Host:Michael Notbohm & Andrew Hoek

Guest: Ryan Butler

Episode Summary

Welcome to this episode of the Legacy Wealth Code Podcast, a platform aimed at helping you build long-term wealth and a lasting legacy through real estate investing, tax strategies, and motivational stories from successful people. Meet our hosts, Michael Notbohm & Andrew Hoek.

Our guest on this episode is Ryan Butler who runs the team, Coalition Properties Group, based in Washington DC, with about 300 units per year, worth 175 million dollars. He has engaged in syndication deals with large, medium, and small apartment complexes. Ryan is passionate about helping families build long-term wealth through renovating and renting out properties.

In this episode, Ryan narrates how he got into real estate by taking advantage of the programs available for first-time homeowners and built his business which he now uses as a platform to teach families how to grow wealth the same way.   

Episode Topics

  • [00:32] Meet today's guest, Ryan Butler
  • [03:00] How Ryan started helping families build wealth through real estate. 
  • [13:40] How do you describe the opportunities in real estate to potential clients? 
  • [23:35] Government tax incentives in real estate  
  • [26:07] What were your initial investments starting in real estate? 
  • [30:26] How many LPs do you typically bring into a deal?

Notable Quotes

  • "There's usually some form of greatness on the other side of discomfort" - [Ryan Butler] 
  • "The money that you need to buy your first couple of homes is nominal compared to what you might need if you want to do investment properties down the line" - [Ryan Butler] 
  • "For most people, they've probably never realized that they can become a real estate investor with little or no money out of pocket" - [Michael Notbohm]
  • "The best return on investment is investing in yourself to make yourself more intelligent around money… how to create it, how to save it, how to invest it" - [Ryan Butler] 
  • "It's always amazing to me how many agents are real estate professionals by trade and don't own any real estate" - [Michael Notbohm]
  • "My purpose is to be the bridge to my community for all things real estate, lifestyle, and wealth building" - [Ryan Butler]