The Legacy Wealth Code Podcast

Supercharge Your Investments with Cost Segregation & Bonus Depreciation

January 17, 2023 Michael Notbohm & Andrew Hoek Episode 4
The Legacy Wealth Code Podcast
Supercharge Your Investments with Cost Segregation & Bonus Depreciation
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Have you ever wondered how the wealthiest people in the world continue to make millions and millions of dollars and pay little or  no taxes?  Would you be surprised to hear that the same tax incentives they use are actually available to everyone?  We can tell you first hand, our entire investment strategy changed as soon as cost segregation became part of every one of our investments.  This is hands down one of the greatest wealth building tools ever, so if you are interested in creating a lasting legacy and building enormous wealth through real estate investing, this episode is for you.  


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Episode #4: 
Hosts: Michael Notbohm & Andrew Hoek

Episode Summary
Welcome to this episode of the Legacy Wealth Code Podcast, a platform aimed at helping you build long-term wealth and a lasting legacy through real estate investing, tax strategies, and motivational stories from successful people. Meet our hosts, Michael & Andrew.
Today's conversation centers around Cost Segregation and Bonus Depreciation, and our hosts answer common questions related to the topic, as well as its impact on their investments and clients taking the Legacy Wealth Code course.
In this episode, our hosts expound on the benefits of Cost Segregation, with real-life examples from their business, highlighting the history behind it while dispelling erroneous conceptions around it.   

Episode Topics
[00:27] Today's topic is Cost Segregation and Bonus Depreciation.
[01:10] The history of Cost Segregation.
[04:05] What is Cost Segregation? 
[06:05] Exploring cost segregation in the investment business. 
[14:50] Myths and FAQs on cost segregation. 
[20:14] Other applications of Cost Segregation in real estate.

Notable Quotes
"The tax law is there for a reason, it's not there as a loophole… you're taking advantage of the tax law because the government is incentivizing you to do things that they don't want to do" - [Michael Notbohm]
"If the tax code is 5000 pages long, 98% of it is geared at what you can do, while only 2% is geared at what you can't do, and everybody hyper-focuses on that 2%" - [Andrew Hoek]
"Kicking the can on taxes is a tax strategy in itself" - [Andrew Hoek]
"One of the great double-edged swords of the world, I think, is being a high W2 wage earner" - [Andrew Hoek]
"If you're buying and investing in real estate and you're not doing this, you're leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table" - [Michael Notbohm]